Word to your Mogwai




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Welcome to my journal.
All of my entries are friends only!
There are things in here that the whole world doesn't need to know. Curious? I bet.
It is nothing that interesting.

If you so choose to add me:
  • Please don't feel the need to comment every day (but i like to know your still alive ^.^)
  • Don't criticize or judge me for my opinions or beliefs.
  • Please, introduce yourself!! I LOVE to get to know my Friends List :D 

Please note:
Do not add me to your friends list, keep me there for a bit, decide that
you just don't want to be my friend any longer, take me off your
friends list-and then decide that you miss me dearly
and add me back.
Nothing pisses me off more.
I will block you.
I am sorry if i sound like a huge grouch, i am really not.
But i also am not your puppet. :]

With that being said, i will probably NEVER do a friends cut,
i will only remove you if you disrespect me :D
Deal? Welcome to my journal!

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Мои твиты

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Well considering Livejournal hasn't allowed me to access my journal in close to a month, and every single time i am allowed to access my journal my whole entire computer freezes up, and i can't even post pictures, or comments and barely even update my journal, i made a tumblr.
I will still keep this journal and try to update it, but i wanted to type out my birth story, and keep a journal going. I wanted to give you all the chance to know how my baby is and how the NICU stay went, so i made a tumblr.
Please add me: 


And i am also mildly pissed that i won't see that whole month of paid livejournal time i had :-)